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Meet Ivan

CEO of Tailor Home Design, Ivan Miragliotta has extensive experience in home design and renovation services in Miami, Florida. He

inherited his family's entrepreneurial spirit from Sicily, Italy, which has been influential in shaping his professional


With over two decades of experience, Ivan brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project he works on. He leads a team that provides repair services and creates custom designs for homes of all sizes, including penthouses and mansions on the Venetian Islands.

Ivan's commitment to excellence is evident in the outstanding results his team consistently delivers.

He is a hands-on leader who ensures every aspect of a project meets the highest standards. He is also skilled at managing large teams of workers, enabling projects to be completed within budget and on schedule.

Ivan is passionate about incorporating unique touches into his projects to make them stand out. He has a keen eye for design and his work is highly regarded in Miami.


As a skilled leader, Ivan inspires and motivates his team to produce their best work. He pays meticulous attention to

detail, bringing his clients' visions to life with innovative designs and exceptional craftsmanship. Regardless of the

size of the project, Ivan ensures that his team delivers results that exceed clients' expectations.


Tailor Home Design's mission is to help Miami residents create their dream homes by providing high-quality interior

design, property management, and real estate services.


We take a 360-degree approach to real estate and specialize in some of Miami's most desirable residential areas such as Venetian Islands, Star Island, Key Biscayne, and more. We also specialize working in condominiums such as One Thousand Museum, Brickell Flatiron and Aria on the Bay, to name a few.

We are committed to using authentic materials to transform properties into stunning, customized homes.

We have established strong relationships with International suppliers to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality materials, including marble, granite, ceramic, and porcelain tiles, as well as custom-made furnishings and accessories.


At Tailor Home Design, we believe that every property has the potential to become a luxurious sanctuary, and we are

dedicated to helping our clients achieve their dream homes through our expertise.

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